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Partner with iPlayJoy creates more value in China

As a leading mobile game developer in China, Xi'an Playjoy Network Technology Co., Ltd. is devoting to providing overseas Android developers full-scale product agency and launch services such as language localization, comprehensive publicity and anti-piracy in the specialized digital entertainment market of China
We have rich experience in mobile game operation and established sound... >> more

We are pleased to provide you with such localization services:

1. Professional translation of localized language and appropriate modification of Chinese element.

2. Promote and popularize your products in multiple channels (including five platforms of Telecom operators and 63 third-party platforms).

3. Digital rights management and protect your products from pirate in China Mainland .

4. Integrating social networking application program interfaces in China.

5. Providing operational support upon the launch of products.

We'll be the first window for overseas researchers and developers to enter the digital entertainment market in China. If you're interested in our professional service, please mail to "services@iplayjoy.com" for more information.... >> more

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